The beach: natural remedy for stress

If you are one of those who can’t keep up with the frantic pace of large cities, who wakes up wondering when they’ll be able to go back to bed or who gets home after an exhausting day looking like a character from The Walking Dead, we have the best remedy for you: a quick trip to the beach.

Facts don’t lie. Being close to the sea reduces cortisol levels, a hormone released in response to stress, and this is good enough a reason for you to love the beach even more.  Find out the reasons why the beach is the best natural remedy for your problems:


  • It gets rid of stress. Salt water and sea breeze increase the levels of the so-called happy hormones. Whether you enjoy going for a walk on your own or you prefer spending your Sunday with the family, a quick trip to the beach will be just right.
  • It makes creativity flow. If you have spent weeks wondering how to make that project move forward, take a quick trip to the beach, your brain will relax and you’ll be able to concentrate much better. The sound of the waves will help you make up your mind and see everything crystal clear.
  • It helps you breathe better. The level of humidity of the sea breeze acts like an iodine spray which is great to regulate the thyroid gland. Can you think of a better remedy to combat typical autumn colds?


If that’s not enough, we have the perfect cocktail for you to get a good rest: enjoy the beach with a beer and some tapas with your loved ones at Chiringuitos del Sol. If you feel you can’t leave your daily routine behind, come and visit us and we’ll take care of the rest.  So, don’t forget that if you’re stressed out, it’s because you want to…


chiringuitos del sol correr por la playa

Do you like running on the beach? These are the pros and cons

All those who love peaceful beaches, listening to the waves breaking and getting away while
looking into the horizon are in luck. The autumn season is starting at the beach and it brings
about the possibility of enjoying great little pleasures without it being too warm or crowded.
One of them is running on the sand without feeling you are the main character in an action
film where you have to avoid anybody who might come your way. But, is really running on
the sand good for you?
Taking your training sessions to your favourite beach can be a great choice. Walking on the
sand is really good to stimulate blood circulation, burn calories and strengthen your muscles.
Does the same happen when we run? This is an activity where intensity and resistance are
key factors. When we bury our feet in the sand we force the body to work at a higher level.
The humidity of the beach, low pressure and temperature help our organism to be able to
receive more oxygen, improving our breathing. And what about the therapeutic and relaxing
power of the sound of the waves?
However, running on the sand has some cons too. It has an irregular and sloping surface, so
the body is forced to move asymmetrically, with higher risk of injury which increases for
those having had some kind of accident in the past.
Finally, we recommend that you run wearing trainers and on the wet sand which is firmer,
that you keep yourself hydrated and protect your skin using sunscreen. Going for a swim
after your training session can be your best motivation. Are you ready?


Cala Bosque and La Caleta will remain open all winter

Summer has come to an end but that doesn’t mean that we have to say goodbye yet. Because, as you know, at Chiringuitos al Sol we always have good news for you. What’s the best piece of news we have? That you’ll still be able to have breakfast by the sea, read your favourite book lying down on a sun bed or simply enjoy the sea breeze while you have some tapas even in winter.

And for you to be able to come visit us, Cala Bosque and La Caleta will remain open all winter! This way you may still enjoy them, with warmer clothes than during the summer, but knowing for sure that you can enjoy the beach 365 days a year!

Cala Cerrada will be closed in December, although its sun beds will be removed before that, at the end of this month. Glea will still be open until mid November if the weather is good enough. And if you’re one of those people who can’t live without practising water sports, you should mark 15 June 2019 on your calendar, since that’s when they’ll be resumed and you’ll be able to enjoy them.  

As you can see, winter doesn’t always involve being cold or sitting by a fireplace, least of all in Orihuela Costa. As it happens every year, we may even enjoy a special Christmas: together on the sand, by the sea, under the sun and with the waves breaking in the background. This year will be different … As opposed to waiting for Father Christmas by the fireplace, you’ll be able to do so getting some mild winter sun while you have a beer, since living in this spot in the Mediterranean Sea has more advantages than you ever thought…

otoño en la caleta

It’s also autumn at the beach

We´re at the start of this new season of the year singing the famous Spanish song that says something like “Grab your hat and put it on, let’s go to the beach where the sun is warm…” In autumn? – you’ll wonder. Yes, in autumn. Because at the Orihuela Coast coming to the end of the summer doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the beach.  

The beach is the perfect destination for those who value peacefulness, mild temperatures and water sports, and who wish to enjoy the benefits the setting brings to our health. The beach is a natural first-aid kit taking care of our physical and mental health. That’s why we’re giving you some reasons why going to the beach is a must this season:

– Cool sea water at the beach in autumn provides your body and mind with lots of benefits.

– The healthy sea breeze increases serotonin levels. Known as the “happy hormone”, it can positively influence our mood. And you’ll keep your respiratory system healthy thanks to the sea air.

– Take a walk on the sand by the seashore and this gentle exercise will help you keep fit and relaxed. Wetting your feet will have an invigorating effect and will reactivate your circulation.  

– Your skin will benefit from your visit to the beach, since iodine in seawater and the sea breeze improve skin problems.

– The sound of the waves helps you relax and keep calm. Also, the high magnesium content of water helps reduce anxiety. Beaches offer peacefulness favouring concentration and promoting creativity.

If you think autumn means not going to the beach anymore, you’re wrong! Summer is never over with Chiringuitos del Sol.



kolted en concierto

Kolted, live music every Sunday at La Caleta

kolted en concierto

We’ve been waiting all year for this moment to come: Kolted concerts on the beach! It’s no wonder! This duet has managed to become very famous in the Orihuela Coast and has created an absolute fan phenomenon among the people living in the area.

Since the purpose of Chiringuitos del Sol is that you enjoy yourself, and we already know that it’s #BetterAtTheBeach, we bring you their music to the beach. You’ll be able to enjoy Kolted every Sunday at 1:30pm at La Caleta beach (Cabo Roig). A two-hour concert to cherish the best music by the sea with a mojito, a beer or whatever you may fancy.  And you can do so with your friends or family, since everybody likes this band’s music which lifts up everyone’s spirit.

Listening to Kolted always means listening to the best international rock covers. And not only Rock. Also Pop, Indie and even Heavy Metal. Performances full of energy where Che and Ali give their best with their guitars. That’s why it’s not surprising to see that they have become a well-known band in the Southern coast of Spain with great fans, especially among the foreign community.

The band got on stage for the first time on 2012. Both members had already been part of other bands such as The Monos and Suzy’s Field for years. An experience present in their performances since they know how to entertain a heterogeneous audience aiming to have a good time at the beach listening to live music, and leave them dumbstruck.

Have you not been to a Kolted concert yet? What are you waiting for! Kolted and Chiringuitos del Sol will be waiting for you every Sunday at 1:30pm to enjoy two hours of the best music at La Caleta. Are you going to let it pass you by?


#Better at the beach: 5 things are much better at the beach

Enjoy the family

After a whole year between work, duties, fast foods, feeling tired  during the weekend, being able to be with loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere, is wonderful! The beach is the perfect place to hold long conversations, catch up, playing on the seashore or jump waves together. Enjoy the company of the family without obligation or haste.


Who has not fallen asleep for a nap on the beach? It doesn’t matter if we got up late and we have not made any effort. Resting on the beach relaxes so much that ……. But do remember that you must protect yourself from the sun if you do not want to wake up Burnt by the Sun.


Be honest! It is not the same eating anything in the office or at home in front of the tv, that to do so with your feet in the sand and looking out to sea. And this serves for any meal of the day: Breakfast with coffee and some toast in front of the sea allows us to start the day breathing in peace. When it’s lunch time, what better that to go directly from the sea to the chiringuito for a beer, sangria or yummy tapas? It is a luxury! And in the evening, take a mojito while enjoying the sea breeze under the stars is something that no one can resist.


During the year the days are short and we’re going in a hurry, when at the end of the day we take a book, we fall asleep on the second page. At the beach time doesn´t exist and reading a book in the sand is a pleasure. Summer is the perfect time to devour all of these novels that we have pending.

Connecting with nature

A few times during the year we have the opportunity to enjoy nature in its essence. The beach allows you to be outdoors doing many more things than sunbathing: build castles in the sand with children, flying a kite, get to know flora and fauna in the Sea, collect shells, view the sunset or tell the stars at night. Nature is there, in it´s pure state, so that you enjoy it.

Doing sport

Despite being on vacation, keep fit is a must. On the beach you can swim, jog along the shore, do kite surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, volleyball, windsurfing… if you prefer something less intense, there are activities such as zumba or yoga which are organized in some beaches.


Or simply doing nothing

Holidays are for resting, leaving the mind blank, under the sun and next to the sea, without thinking of anything else.

Are you still not convinced? Believe me! everything is better at the beach!